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I love my Logitech Cordless Vantage - it's the best PS3 headset I've used when I'm using the "big TV".


I recently bought a second PS3, so I can play (at the desk in my home office) while kids/Mrs are watching TV.
The advantage with this is that I'm now in close proximity to the PS3 (on a shelf right next to the desk) so could conceivably use a cabled headset without too much hassle. The disadvantage is (correct me if I'm wrong) I can't listen to the sound of the game and the voice comms through the same headset. I presently listen to the game sound through a set of amp-powered desk speakers - or a set of headphones plugged into said amp.

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I use wireless headphones, with a Microsoft usb headset on over the top

It looks ridiculous and feels weird but it means the mic doesn't pick up and transmit the game sounds and it's easy to press the mute button when I'm not talking so it doesn't pick up other external sounds.
You get the idea.. that's what I need to do! Either that or just wear the sound headphones ('cos I can hear the voice thru it) and have the bluetooth headset around my neck just to use the mic.

My question to those who are in the know:
If I were to go out and buy a USB headset, can I listen/speak to voice comms AND game sound through the same headset?
Or do USB headsets do the same as the bluetooth ones and only xmit the voice comms?
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