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Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
You don't need a headset ... and you already have a blutooth headset for your phone, that will work on the PS3.

I did not make it though, still fighting this virus and going to work at 4am is not making for a happy Mongrel
Awesome, I was wondering if I could use my old headset.

Sorry to hear you're not a happy Mongrel, but I think I can help. I hear watching rugby league can cure disease, mend broken bones and generally improve the wellbeing of any and all that watch it, so as a trained doctor (no, really) I prescribe a double dose of Friday Night Football.

(I would have loved to prescribe an initial dose of Thursday Night Football, but the fools in charge didn't put a match on tonight. Oh, when will they learn? *shakes head, sadly*)
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