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Originally Posted by FunkyJ View Post
They do have Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank, Buzz - the quiz game, and Singstar, which is not only great for kids, but drunken parent parties as well

This might change with the PS3 Move - Sony's answer to the Wiimote device - but that's not due out to later this year.
Agree with everything FunkJ said. All games listed above are great and obviously as they get older they will be looking at the more hard core games like FPS, RPG's etc.

I have my fingers crossed that PS3 Move might fill in the gap for younger players but will depend on how many developers get onboard.

You could go middle of the road and add to your existing gaming system with a PS2. Still available and the games are as well. Then you could have a mix of family and hard core games on a cheaper budget.
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