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My kids (the ones that play frequently) are 4, 5, 10 and 15 yrs in age.
They love *all* the Lego games (which are multiplatform anyway), Little Big Planet, Sonic, and any game that they think they're not allowed to play 'cos it's Dad's. (for instance, my 5yo girl has just discovered Burnout Paradise...)
I also have a 500Gb external drive that contains a heap of trailers, moves, and music that they also watch on the PS3.
If you really need something to clinch the deal, remember the PS3 has a built-in Blu-Ray player.
For a gaming console, I deliberated for a long while and weighed up the pros and cons between the various boxes. I haven't regretted my decision. (In fact, now my household has 2x PS3s and still no Xbox or Wii.) The other thing, if you play online, PSN is free to use. (until Sony realise they could charge...) AND you could play online with the rest of us Console Consortium reprobates. (Buy MAG and join the Raven Lunatics squad.. there's still a place that Click left vacant )

If you like the Wii because of the fitness/movement thing, I'd be inclined to keep it - you won't get as much for a trade-in once you consider how much you've spent on the games already. But then again, I've been accused of being a hoarder before now, too...
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