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Default Haven and Hearth. Free indie game. (In constant development)

Wondering if any other TOG'ers play this game.

It's kind of a sandbox style RPG where players can own land, build houses and make lasting changes to the world. Still in alpha but completely playable. Made by two swedes. Java based and tiny to download.

Haven and Hearth homepage. HIGHLY recommend reading the quick How-to guide linked at the top before making a character.
Haven and Hearth Wiki. I check this constantly and I highly recommend reading the Getting Started guide linked on the front page there.
Short Youtube video. Little video showing some of the game.

If you want to start at my location, I've made a couple of houses and have some tools and stuff there, "Gnastics" is my character Boi's hearth secret. It's a password that we can use ingame to become kin. Like an advanced friends feature.
If you give mine to an NPC(Top corner) in the char creation area it'll open a staircase you can enter to start at my location. Locating yourself on one of the world maps in the forums and Wiki is hard, so this helps a lot.
I've no idea where my place is on the map
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