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Not true. It uses component cables (opposed composite) - which is fine, the PS3 still pumps out 1080i over component. I picked up a PS3 Component cable half price in EB's last round of clearance sales.
As I mentioned before, PS3 HDMI is encrypted, so you can't record the digital signal cheaply.

I got it direct from the manufacturer's website and had it shipped - their distro is in Singapore.
$199USD plus $51 courier. That works out to about $280AUD. which is quite reasonable when you consider Hauppauge's own Aussie distributor is charging $419AUD plus postage.
The HDD is as big as you have sitting around in a USB drive... which, in my case, is 1Tb.
AFAIK, it's a USB2.0 box that plugs into a PC.
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