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Default TOG - More than a forum

Hi guys,

The various Officers, Captains, Admins and Engineers have been disussing all the "unknown" features that the TOG web sit has to offer.

(I was at the front of the line going " Ohhh I did not know we could do that!")

Anyway, I have quoted Bayland's post regarding some of the features that you guys might find useful.

There have been a number of posts lately where people were surprised that TOG offered something. This got me believing that...

You don't know TOG! Did you know we have...

Staff List
Download file repository for patches
Memorial for Fallen TOG Members
Subscriber Subscriptions - (Gets rid of ads)
RSS Feed
TOG Merchandise
A Gaming League (Toggle)
Homepage polls (2009! We need some new polls!)
Google Public thread search
Thread tagging

Discussion Forums
Social Groups for intimate discussions
Projects to organize work (May appear empty but it isn't)
Calendars for divisions
Journalist team writing articles | Submit News
Local and Global Announcements | How to
TOG member birthday calendar
An Ombudsman | Policy
Members list
Reputation System
Who's online page
Ad Removal Forum
Buy and Sell Stuff Forum
Hardware Support Lab
Graphics Lab for graphic requests
Site Suggestions Forum (Use at your own peril Engies are grumpy people )

Site and Divisional Wikis
Game Reviews (Just write it and we'll do the rest)
Home page Game division overviews (Write one up and we'll publish it)
Division Homepages (AoC as example)

External Sites
Facebook site
Youtube site (Soon to be for all divs)
Steam Group
xFire group

Private Teamspeak server
Private Ventrillo server

My TOG Page
A User Control Panel
Personal Messages
Personal Blogs
Personal Photo Gallery (Bayland as example)
Personal Thread Subscriptions with folder management
Personal Friends and Connections (Some visual bugs in Firefox)
Personal Profile (Bayland as example)
The ability to ignore someone and hide all their posts (Don't add Admins it doesn't stop them)
Friend Tracking Popup (Under Quick Links)
Event Reminders

You now know TOG! Hope this gives everyone some ideas.

Disclaimer: The TOG site is big. We're a volunteer organization. You're welcome to suggest improvements or file bugs, but be prepared to help test or fix the problem. Only with all of us working together can we make TOG great.
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