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Default Troubling BFBC2 children

Yesterday I had an unsettling squad experience playing BC2.

I joined a game and was put into a squad with three children. Now by "children" I don't mean teens or even tweens, when I asked how old they were I got these responses: ten,eight, and seven. I don't have children so I have absolutely no right to discuss parenting, but come on... SEVEN?!? BC2 is very violent (there's a surprise) and has some pretty foul language built into the game, not including what you occasionally hear over chat. I guess that "Mature" rating really means nothing to some people.

I concede that the kids may have been temporarily unsupervised and merely gotten into dad's video game stash, but these kids were good at the game (which is disturbing on a wholly different level) and had obviously played many times previously.

Good news is this: We won the round and we were the best squad... go figure.
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