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Ashlann plays his first MMO...
loves it...


may not be at the next podcast...

a dear friend gifted him the game via Steam
Guild Wars Factions on Steam

You may think differently of your dear friend after your hygeine standards decline and you start living like a vampire because of an MMO addiction

I do want to give an MMO a run online but after I give the Torchlight demo a thorough testing as mentioned in Games Industry Podcast - Episode 12 chat. I may take your offer up with Guild Wars, it'll depend how basic of an MMO it is. I'll look further into this world when the time comes. From the reviews I've read on Torchlight, it's a basic MMO yet still engaing and fun. That's what I'll be looking for when I test-run an online MMO. I started a thread a while ago asking for opinions on this topic.. help a first time MMORPG player !!. I'll get back to you on this


Attorney General atkinson gets a mention again. Much has happened since this podcast and I'm late in replying to it. Ashlann said it's "absurd" what had been happening regarding this person. I agree but that doesn't mean we should take "absurd" things lightly. When I first heard that people were considering setting up a firewall for Australia to censor certain elements of the internet I thought that was "absurd" and it would never happen in a country like Australia... but now look... Internet censorship in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many people are disturbed by atkinson's actions and mental state. What disturbs me more than the person is the fact that someone like that can get to a position as important as Attorney General


The Graphics debate.

Stef mentioned the website. Thanks for that, I've added it to my favourites list!

Far Cry 2 gets a mention with it's great graphics. I was impressed by the mirage effect on the gun barrels after firing a few rounds when aiming down the site. It's those kinds of details that seperate this game's visual from many others.

In my opinion though, good graphics are important in a game but 'great graphics' are not. I still believe great audio adds more to a game's immersion factor.


During the Wii chat Ashlann was amazed that Stef has never owned a Mario game or never owned a Nintendo console... Stef isn't alone

Thanks again for another excellent Podcast
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