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Originally Posted by Cadder View Post
(b) with headphones on so they can't hear the language
Are you talking about colourfull language to express one's self verbally when you take one for the team.

"Where's my f-cking support."

Originally Posted by Cadder View Post
Back on topic: I was in a game of MAG a few weeks ago, same story. The squad leader was 12. He was OK as far as playing and K/DR goes, but he had no grasp of tactics or what objectives to set as FRAGO.
I was also in a MAG game with a squad of other TOGgers, and we ended up with a kid in the squad... until he had to drop out mid-game to go and have his dinner, or do chores or something.
Kids. No scense off priority in life. Gaming comes first, allways. Buy chips, softdrink what ever it takes to stay in front off that game and support your team mates.
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