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Default Bungie's next IP to be multi platform

What are everyone’s thoughts on the new “alliance” between Bungie and Activision to bring their new non-halo franchise to the masses?

Is this why Activision where happy to let most of Infinity Ward walk? Are Halo fans devastated that Bungie have sided with the biggest ‘money grubbers’ of them all? Are Sony fans excited to see what Bungie can bring to the PS3? Will the next franchise me an MMO?
So many questions, I guess the next decade or so will answer them, exciting times.
Personally I predicted that Bungie would go multiplatform but did not seem them teaming with Activision to do it and are a little disappointed they have. I'm hoping if it is an MMO it is a time sink as I'm a huge fan of the Halo series and the mere fact that Bugie are doing a new IP has my interest regardless of what it is.
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