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I'd never heard about The Secret World. After you guys discussing the teaser trailer and how it doesn't really tell you anything and how the whole game is a bit of a mystery even though it's production was confirmed a few years ago, I got curious.. Well, there's a reason they call them "teasers" The trailers and the website - - do indeed tell you very little. I did find some possible answers over at - LINK. I learnt that it's an MMORPG and the release day has been delayed due to staff cuts. Discussions are happening over in the official forum.

Ashlann mentioned Gran Turismo 5's release date has been delayed again and discussed this with Stef and Drac which was interesting.

Here's some news you'll like..
Sony boss Peter Dille, who spoke during their GDC press conference about this subject. He said quite simply that GT5 will indeed be on store shelves before 2011; it's technically an "official announcement" even though it doesn't come with a specific day.
SOURCE GDC 10: GT5 Will Release Before 2011 - PS3 News


Drac mentioned Mirror's Edge and it's one of his all time favourite games. I recently got this game and it's on my to-play list!

It looks like a sequel is on its way..
EA confirms small team working on Mirror's Edge 2 -

There was some discussion on Battlefield Bad Company 2 (the beta) and the 'Rush' gametype and how the attackers needed to complete a phase before the next phase area was able to be entered. Rush is my preferred multiplayer gametype for this game. I first saw this style of play in Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars. The progressive phase idea works well with online play and works great in competition matches.


The Australian R-Rated issue and atkinson were discussed. A lot has happened since this podcast and I'm replying late so I'll leave this one alone.

Thanks for joining in Drac, was a pleasure listening to you.


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