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Lightbulb The Console Division wants you!

Greetings fellow console TOGers!

You may have noticed all the increased activity in our little Division of late.

Our Online activities have ramped up on both the XBOX and PS3 and our member ranks are increasing on a daily basis.

Following the local successes of the XBOX Live Play Date organized by Fall of Enosis (Our North American XBOX Squad Leader), and the PS3 M.A.G. events headed up by Ancient_One (Our Australian PS3 Squad Leader), we have come to the conclusion that the best way to serve the needs of all our Console Division members is to have a dedicated Squad Leader for each console in both those regions.

To this end, we now have a couple of positions vacant that need to be filled:

The Australian XBOX Squad Leader

The North American PS3 Squad Leader.

The people we are looking for for these roles must have most, or all, of the following attributes:

  • Be a fully fledged TOG member with good standing in our community that can demonstrate a track record of positive input in the TOG forums. (Does not necessarily have to be the console forums, PC forums are just as acceptable ) - This is a must have!
  • Have a good knowledge of their console of choice. We are not looking for technical knowledge of the inner workings of the console, but a strong understanding of the features of the units and the peripherals available for them. A knowledge of at least the AAA titles for the console of choice would be cool as well
  • A drive to help set up online events on your console of choice.
  • A desire to be active on the console forums so as to grow community spirit, grow membership and to aid those that have questions regarding their console of choice.
  • Enjoys playing console games - This is a must have!

The role(s) main focus is to organize fellow TOGers in online gaming events, suggest ideas to help improve / grow our Division and generally share information you find regarding your console of choice with your fellow TOG mates.

While your role will be very important to the Division, it will not be "taxing" of your spare time. At all times you must be enjoying this role and having fun to be good at it

If anyone has an interest in one of the above roles, please PM one of the current Squad Leaders (Fall of Enosis, Ancient_one or Kiz) or myself with any questions.

After that if you feel that you would enjoy the role and would like to put your hand up for one of the roles, please PM me only. (Just so no one gets missed).

Applications will be taken up to and until the 27/05/2010.

I look forward to the responses

Pure Mongrel
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