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The wonderboys were good, I finished all 6 of them, but they pale beside SoTN and its (inferior) sequels on the GBA and DS. I did go and find Dragon's Curse (wbIII on the TurboGFX) and emu today, actually

I've played disney platformers on the megadrive, mostly the mickey and the donald games of various types, and they were hard without providing adequate payoff. I've heard Lion King is good, but I haven't heard of Aladdin. Out of interest, where does Earthworm Jim come in for you?

I think I might try Super Metroid too. Ppl tend to rate it very highly.

Also, FYI, the New Super Mario Bros for the DS spanks. Very SMW but harder, nastier and tighter. Single player is much better than Super Mario Bros Wii, but the Wii does 4 players at once, known as divorce mode, which is great fun in groups

Super Fine Pitch

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