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Hi Guys,

Here's a little follow-up from BitMob on the dark side of game journalism.

No More Previews dated June 2nd.

Junkets. Junkets. Junkets. I notice from time to time that everyone loves to jump on the complaining bandwagon, and junkets are the latest victim of this annoying reunion tour.
"The reason games are so expensive is because publishers give journalists these Hawaiian vacations!"
Of course it is -- that's just how marketing chooses to spend their money. Hell -- as someone with a background in marketing, it's a damn good idea that probably works. Public relations will always think of stupid crap to spend money on in order to garner attention for a game.
Probably the most unbiased consumer review organizations would be "Consumer Reports". But, wait a minute they don't cover the games industry. However their strict purist rules of: no advertising, no free products to review, no free paid trips to attend makes them the Paragon model.

Hopefully in the years to come where off-shoot groups like the "ECA" (Entertainment Consumer Association) will pursue something similar to "Consumer Reports" but for Gamers. The only thing Consumer Reports and the ECA have in common is to protect consumers and to set U.S. national policy initiatives.


PS: This would be an interesting main topic for the podcast. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)
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