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Sadly, It didn't get any better.

An exclusive fitness game by Ubisoft and a Dance game by Harmonix. The Dance game might be popular, clearly targeted at teens.

Turn 10 showed some Forza with Kinect, but it was just turning the wheel and looking into corners, they didn't actually show how you accelerate or break, that just seemed to be on autopilot.

Then there was the Starwars game "demo" which was just a movie, no one actually playing. Like all the other Natal stuff, it all looked very stiff and awkward. There was no free roaming, it was like an on rails shooter where you'd move from one group of stuff to hack up to the next. The Achilles Heel of Kinect rearing it's ugly head more than ever in the action-adventure genre, you have no way to "move" an avatar around an environment as their movement is mapped to you, standing still, not moving more than 1 or 2 steps.

So, Kinect seems to be limited to reaction games where you stand still and wait for stuff to happen and you move in reaction to it. I was expecting some interesting strategy or deep/open choice based game demos but all they had was fluff.

I have a feeling Sony are going to slaughter them on the hardcore motion game front.

The interesting stuff was all up front, 4 player co-op in Gears of War 3 and space flight combat in Halo Reach, but that was about the only takeaway for the non-casual gamer.

I really liked their "show don't tell" approach, if only they had something interesting to show.
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