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hah, I tried to click the co-op button and got told to plug in an extra controller, you need an xbox controller on your pc to play co-op?

Anyway, I have an MTGO online account, but I don't play that much for various reasons, I didn't really care about the online component of the game, but co-op would have been cool.

My primary concerns are this game really seems like an introduction to magic, but completely fails to teach you how to play. For instance, some of the challenges, the timing of the play of cards is critical, but nowhere is this timing adequately explained. Teaching a new player about deck creation is also an important part of the game, while I didn't expect a full build your own deck experience, something like swapping cards in or out rather than just adding more new cards plus land to create a 90 card monstrosity.

Auto-tap is a pain to me, forever tapping the land I don't want it too and with not much sense, take one of the challenges, you've got something like 3G 3B, you've got a number of green cards and one black card requiring B2. play the black card first, guess what, it taps 2B 1G, why leave a black open when you've only got Green cards in hand. It makes similar mistakes in games.
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