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Default Membership request - discovery vs spoilers

Hello, fellow fogeys.

I'm an old school gamer with roots in the Apple ][ era, and a fondness for strategy and fantasy role-playing. I have a large game collection spanning many platforms, and even run an independent game studio, so you might say I'm interested in gamer culture.

Unfortunately, I've been quite dissatisfied with the MMO experience, mainly because the one-two punch: you can't do the cool stuff by yourself, and the available company leaves something to be desired.

I like discovering games naturally - playing through them and observing instead of looking up loot tables and strategy guides. My first time in an instance is always the most exciting, but it's ruined if I'm in a group that's done it a dozen times before and just rushes through to the end.

I'd like to play with people who are willing to take it slow and enjoy the game for itself, maybe roleplay a little or at the very least, refrain from researching everything online before you actually experience it in-game. I'd like to have some friends to discover things with and not feel pressured to hit the level cap right away.

I guess that makes me an old fart, which is why I'm here, looking for kindred spirits
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