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Default An Evening With Delete Me

Good evening, and welcome to An Evening With [delete me]. I am your host, Scratches Fury.

As we have now reached 150 posts, I though it would be a good time to look back at how this train wreck glorious thread has developed. And how better to do that, than to revisit the elegant musings of the one who created it, our wonderful Captain of Console Vice, Cadder. I warn you, however, all is not as serene as it appears...

Post #1
Modmins, pls delete this thread.
posted in wrong forum section, sorry
(oh how simple a request. He seemed so innocent, so unprepared for the oncoming storm. But I digress...)

Post #5
(ok, he seems to be catching on at this point...)

Post #10
This isn't going to be one of those threads that gets resurrected every six months, is it?
(You can almost hear his heart sinking as the realisation hits home.)

Post #33
Is there any way to reverse-*bump* a thread to the bottom of the stack?
(Now desperate, he pleads to the gods for a way out.)

Post #46
You should all be bumped off
(Anger replaces despair as he starts to look for someone to blame)

Post #59
Actually, that sounds like a damn jolly good idea.
Pancakes Canadanadian style, with maple syrup and bacon. Do you run a delivery service?
Hm. Appears you're out of bacon and have substituted SPAM!
(Sarcasm now as he realises he is running out of options.)

Post #68
Couldn't be any worse as a concept than the Bacon and Egg Ice Cream they made on BH&G last week!
(Seems things have taken a turn for the worse as what is already a tenuous grasp on sanity begins to loosen further.)

Post #80
This thread is covered in scratches
(What's this, you say? Has he found a focus for his rage? Am I, gentle reader, to become a target for this madman? Read on...)

Post #112
Once they pop, you can't stop.
(Clearly, this is a cry for help. Ebonytears posts an innocent picture of a cute kitten, and he not only talks of eating it, but implies that he has done this before! Oh what has become of this man?)

Post #137
You gunna do an interpretive dance as well?
(Ok, now he has crossed the line. Eating baby animals is one thing, but dear lord, this is too much!)

Post #146
Bill Shatner, the Doctor, bagpipes, lotso LOLcats (and dogs), a Rickroll, Jumping of the shark, A protection racket grant, a burnout, Arnie...
this thread doesn't have nearly enough Lego in it.
(I don't know what to say at this point. Can a mind capable of this ever be rescued from the madness that eats away at his very soul?)

Post #147
(Lego porn. Oh have we lost him forever?)

Which brings us to Post #150. More lego, yes, but a glimmer of hope can be seen here. It's artistic, creative, and a pop-culture reference all combined. Surely a mind capable of such a combination can yet be saved?

Which is why I say this! Save Cadder! We can do it if we all pull together! He is not lost to us if only we have faith enough and strength enough to pull him back from the brink.

With that, we end our retrospective look at [delete me]. It's been a roller-coaster ride of emotions for this reporter. It was a story about anger, rage, and madness, but ultimately, I believe it's about hope. Hope that a once great man can be great, once again.

Thank you, and good night.

(Brought to you by the Save Cadder Foundation.)
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