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Originally Posted by sangretu View Post
I have a couple of low-level characters on Sarlona. I would dearly love to find or found a small group of players who have not yet experienced the majority of the game and share (or are willing to try) my discovery vs spoilers philosophy. See my post here for details. Doesn't have to be on Sarlona, I'm ok with making new characters too.

Esteem'd Regards,

Forgive my blatant attempt at recruiting for another division, but there is a large and thriving TOG community over in Lord of the Rings Online. Many of us share your philosophy and like to enjoy the content the way it was written. We have many players at end-game (if there is such a thing) and plenty of lowbies, newbies and alts always levelling up.

And with LOTRO going free-2-play soon, now would be a good time to subscribe and start building up your Turbine points...

There are 2 kinships - The Osgiliath Guard for US/Oceanic servers, and The Order of Gilthoniel on the EU servers. Character registration threads are in the main LOTRO forum.

Once again, sorry for the blatant recruiting drive but you know you want to do it - the Ring is calling...
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