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Originally Posted by sangretu View Post
I have a couple of low-level characters on Sarlona. I would dearly love to find or found a small group of players who have not yet experienced the majority of the game and share (or are willing to try) my discovery vs spoilers philosophy. See my post here for details. Doesn't have to be on Sarlona, I'm ok with making new characters too.

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Sounds like fun, Sangretu. If we can agree on a regular time to meet up and a server to meet on, we can try and get a group together. I'm very willing to create a new character for this and it wouldn't matter what server.

I live in the US pacific time zone and am retired so don't need to play only in the evenings. Although playing during Aussie prime time during the week probably wouldn't work for me.

Reasonable hours for both Aussie and US players really only occur together a couple of times during the weekends. That's assuming that folks are usually working a regular day shift job.

It would be ideal if we could get two groups together, one US and the other Aussie. Then we could get both groups together once or twice on the weekends.

So, let's see who's interested. Everyone please post here with the times you can play and what server you'd suggest and we'll see what we can get together.
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