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Hi Guys,

I re-listened to the first portion of the podcast due to the prior technical difficulty. (boo hoo someone deleted my other post)

When Halo was mentioned during the Microsoft segment. I'm not sure if this had been mentioned during E3 or after the convention show. That Bungie inked a 10 year deal with Activision to develop other game properties. I suspect they'll be FPS genre although another genre from Bungie would be interesting to see.

When the Nintendo 3DS was mentioned besides the typical 3D portable gaming to be had. That 3D camera with the 2 lenses on the exterior of the clam shell case. Besides the 3D display itself may pique non-gamer interests for this feature alone as a functional 3D camera. The wireless communication with other networked 3DS units sounds intriguing. Where game items or game levels from other local gamers 3DS game play can appear in your copy of the game.

Nintendo E3 Network | Nintendo 3DS

When your preferences of access to a beta stage of a game was discussed. In term of a MMO they are crucial for a Guild Division to utilize them as a launchpad for a Gold retail release. A TOG Mmorpg division has benefited many a time with access to closed / open beta's to a game title. Allowing them to hit the ground running with expectations in terms of organizational structure and/or volunteered leaders in place more or less.

Perhaps a future topic on what makes a good Guild and what makes a bad one. Would be a very interesting topic to hear from our trio of hosts. The tres amigos of: Father, Drac, and Ashlann.
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