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Hi Guys,

I've just wrapped up listening to this episode #25. Congrats on the milestone, here's to looking for another 25 episodes in the future.

Kudos, for discussing about the "OnLive" service although it won't be feasible for those in the Oceanic region of the world.

Although the article you were discussing that the CEO of Activision was looking for some sort of PC adapter for TV play. OnLive will be deploying such an adapter calling it the "Micro Console TV Adapter". So it may not be so far fetched if Activision is looking for their own partner hardware wise with Dell or HP. What may be far fetched is if Activision can execute on such a concept since they have capital to burn from the successes of Blizzard & Call of Duty franchise.

(I'll assume Activision is going to settle out of court over the sacking of the "Infinity Ward" founders. Besides with holding the bonuses to employees at the firm that are also suing Activision)

When you folks were discussing how the Nintendo Wii was reaching a saturation point of sales. If not the other two console makers of Sony & Microsoft selling video game console hardware. What came to mind what the three video console makers stated last year. Which due to this "Great Recession" they were holding back introducing another console iteration until its closer to the 10 year mark. Since typically video game consoles go through a product cycle of 5 to 6 years time frame.

Which is the period of time we're in already and the current generation of video console units are beginning to face stale sales numbers. Where the selling of sleeker models that are smaller in size and with a bigger hard drive. In terms of the Xbox and the selling of motion controller peripherals is their best bet for Sony & Microsoft to forestall the current consumer climate.

When the discussion in the podcast turned to the MMO F2P model. Besides micro-transactions that was often cited, is that many western MMO's converting or offering F2P as a business model. Also offer a hybrid lesser priced subscription to the game for better loot and other incentives. SOE's "Free Realms" is a prime example offering a $4.99 monthly subscription and a micro-transaction store within the game itself. Both completely optional to participate in the game to a degree. Although the quality of the game play will suffer if one doesn't dip into their pocket book from time to time.

One last thing is i see you guys didn't mention the game of "Fable III" from Mr. Peter Moloyneux of Lionhead Studio fame. Since it will also be made available for the PC for the very first time besides the Xbox console.

I was surprised to see this episode #25 released so soon since the date of its recording of this past Tuesday the 14th of July. That threw me off in a pleasant way.


PS: I'm also a user of OnLive since you guys mentioned you were looking for someone. I signed up via the one year sponsorship from AT&T here in the States.
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