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Hi Guys,

I just found this interesting article dated July 16th regarding some of the points discussed in this podcast about "Onlive".

It seems Dell is already helping "Onlive" with servers and data centers. (since the article you discussed about Activision seeking out Dell & HP)

He says the resources are a bit strained at the moment, but more are coming in the form of new servers with the help of Dell and new datacenters.
When the limitations of 780p was discussed in terms of the "OnLive" service.

On the future of the service, Perlman says the next step is determining if 1080p streaming is feasible from a business standpoint. “We have beta users now that are running at 1080p. It works fine, it looks great, but it is a question of deciding when we have an adequate level of support.”
The future of the "OnLive" service with 3D gaming and motion controllers.

Latching on to the zeitgeist, (CEO of OnLive) Perlman explains that 3D support is already built-in though they lack the 3D content at the moment. Motion control is also supported, but will require some manufacturer creating a motion controller that uses a USB port.
This article goes onto to say they'll be hopefully rolling out "Wi-Fi Support" by Fall of this year. Besides still working on the business model of there Mirco Console Controller for televisions.

Article Link.

It seems also the AT&T sponsorship here in the States has been extended to September 6th of this year as well. (originally it ended this past July 15th) Where "Founding Members" get there 1st year for free to the OnLive service.
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