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Default Dresden Files RPG

Just received my Dresden Files RPG books after following their journey for about five years.

OMG What a great system!

DFRPG uses the FATE system, based upon FUDGE, under the Open Gaming Licence, and is set in The Dresden Files universe, by Jim Butcher.

DFRPG uses an interesting system where the City is like a NPC and the first few sessions revolve around statting the City with plots, characters and subterfuges as a group session. The subsequent character creation is then tied directly into the City, and the PCs are tied into each other by having quick headline back stories starring each other. It's an elegant system that forges strong relationships between PCs and the setting.

The Dresden Files setting would be best described as modern horror, with more humour than World of Darkness. It would be perfect for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer style game, where most of the PCs have at least some supernatural talent, but don't get huge advantages over those who choose to be "vanilla" mortals.

Highly recommended for people who like story driven games.
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