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Hello All,

I have my next issue of "Becketts Massive Online Gamer" for the months of Sept. / Oct..

The Atlantica Online key code as stated above is a generic (Ongoing) offer and is still available. (i've already have had one TOGer make a request just recently)

Atlantica Online, is also having their "2nd Annual Car Giveaway" for those that live in the States which ends August 31st, 2010.

The grand prize is a Chevy Camaro with numerous secondary prizes.

Here's the link to this Promotion.

Those that play "Sword 2" I have a key code for a mystery "Free In-Game Item".

Again all i ask is a first come, first served via PM (private message). Unless of course its an ongoing key code like "Atlantica Online or Adventure Quest Worlds".

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