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TOG made Movies for PC shooters

TOG Epic Promo movie by TOG Fox
-multiple shooters featured!-


ARMA 2 Machinimas by thaFunkster (TOG forum member)
-thaFunkster's youtube page -

Reminiscience - link -
Part war drama, part comedy, and part all round stupidity (Make dance not war!!)

Reminscience 2 - link -

A Good Day - link -
A sad tale.

Battlefield 2

Blaze of Glory by TOG Jakob_Pavlov
TOG_HH in the semi-finals against AV-PTK

Battlefield 2142

BF 2142 Omen Style by TOG The Omen
-The Omen's youtube page-

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

TOG Battlefield: Bad Company 2 promo movie by TOG The Omen
-The Omen's youtube page-

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

FAIL-AIM TOG match highlight from a Gamestah demo by TOG Ch!LL
-Ch!LL's youtube page-

COD 4 Clan Movie TOG click
Welcome to TOG COD4 Division.
-click's youtube page-

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops unboxing/gameplay vlog by SMCentral (TOG forum member)

Combat Arms

Counter-Strike: Source

Crysis Wars - MechWarrior: Living Legends Modification

MWLL gameplay by TOG Genghoidal
-Genghoidal's youtube page-

Day of Defeat: Source

TOG Campaign 3 highlights by TOG Kreed
-Kreed's youtube page-

Enemy Territory

Medal of Honor (2010)

Some Medal of Honor shotgun fun by Rage032
-Rage032's youtube page-

Soldier of Fortune 2


SWAT 4 promo movie by TOG Fox
-Fox's youtube page-

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