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Exclamation SteamWatch Unofficial Whitelist Update


Gone through and updated the Australian Whitelist. It includes Internode, Primus, 3FL, Netspace, GameArena and Apex.

All Australian Steam content is unmetered through Internode “…free traffic to all Australian steam content servers”

This list was updated via FreysSteamFilter, SteamWatch and general checking via the internet.

USE THIS LIST AT YOUR OWN RISK: The usual “I’m not responsible” etc etc.

To update your list;
  1. Right-click SteamWatch and select “Stop SteamWatch”
  2. Right click again and select “Edit SteamWatch settings.XML”
  3. Find the current list starting with <whiteList> and just paste the list below over the top of the current list
  4. Close and save XML
  5. Right Click on SteamWatch and “Start SteamWatch”

WARNING!! Do not ADD the list. You must REPLACE the current list, removing the existing list.

Use the list below on Jigoku's post.

[EDIT] Formatting gets screwed up on the forum. Email me at tog(at) and I'll forward the formatted list if you wish

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