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Yeah, I've done my best to avoid spoilers in the books (almost finished with Proven Guilty now). It's been difficult, and a few have slipped past me, but it hasn't ruined the books or the surprise of "Oh damn! This is that spoiler I read!"

I had my first session last night - well, the first where we played our characters instead of working on character and city creation. It was a blast! The system is relatively simple and allows for a really huge amount of player-driven storytelling. It helps that the other 4 players and the game master are also good storytellers too.

I will say that combat can be very, very DEADLY (very, very fast). One player was taken out in two rounds in hand-to-hand with a ghoul (albeit through a series of poor decisions and bad dice rolls). Thankfully the GM was merciful and didn't want to kill off a character right away in the first session. So he turned the character's survival into a very cool (and disturbing) story arc that will be explored in future sessions.

My first impression is really good and I think this is going to be a fun system to play long-term.

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