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I have 2 toons in this game. Willa Fingerdo ( lv7) on Hokk server, and Vas Ectomy (40) on Adrios server. I havent played in a while.

I have only one word to discribe this game - UNIMPRESSIVE .. I dont know how to discribe this game because this is a see to believe kind of thing.

The community is nice. Because only the really really patient have stayed.
The population is lllllllllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwww. I logged in at 8:30 pm PST and did a search to see how many where playing Kujix (playable race) side and the total including myself was 6. NOTE that the population has been this low since it first went F2P(with purchase of client)
I did give the game a chance as in 40 lvs worth, BUT that 40 levels was achieved in a couple weeks and with a level cap at 50 thats way too fast for me and soloed too.
Now the game is completely free to play to lv 30 after that you need to buy lv cap increasers to get to 50. I also saw something in the cash shop that had something to do with chat in game ( my first thought was its cheaper to get ventrillo) This game isnt good enough to force people into the cash shop but for some reason they think it is.

This game went from P2P, to Purchase client play for free, to free client, f2p, cash shop to advance HEHe

I personally wouldn't recommend this game to my friends.

EDIT Oh a image is attached, kind of blurry too. I'll post a couple more.
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