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Question A few questions about Steam

I am really new to Steam (Only downloaded it last Wednesday), and like the title says, I have a few questions about Steam and I was hoping someone could help. Any help would be appreciated.
Anyway... Ive been reading on these forums about a programme called Steamwatch. Do I just download and run it and it than only downloads through Bigpond or is there another programe I should run aswell? See I am with Bigpond and some games will really hurt my usage cap.
And question number 3. My father inlaw just brought two retail CD games but didn't realise he needed Steam. Is there a way I could download them for him and burn the files to a DVD and put them on his computer. See he installed Steam and created an account, but when he went to install the games his net dropped out. Now he cant install from the CD's as Steam is trying to download the entire games, and he is on dial up speeds and is prepaid to boot.
Once again, if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

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