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Originally Posted by DougB View Post
Ive been reading on these forums about a programme called Steamwatch. Do I just download and run it and it than only downloads through Bigpond or is there another program I should run aswell? See I am with Bigpond and some games will really hurt my usage cap.
Steamwatch is Ok. I prefer to use Frey's Steam filter myself as sometimes steamwatch can fail.

But providing steamwatch is working correctly it will stop steam from grabbing game data from any other servers than the ISP you set it to, making the data unmetered. You only ever need to run one steam filter program at once.

By checking this page (link) you can see if the content you want is hosted by the servers you are using.

Originally Posted by DougB View Post
My father inlaw just brought two retail CD games but didn't realise he needed Steam. Is there a way I could download them for him and burn the files to a DVD and put them on his computer.
Get his login details login on your computer and download them there. Then either use the built in back up feature or simply copy the game files across to his pc.

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