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Arrow SOE "Clone Wars Adventure", Isn't An MMO

Hi Guys,

Go figure, the "Clone Wars Adventure" currently in open beta isn't even an MMO. It's a hub in a 3d space ala the "Jedi Temple" for mini-games.

I got it from the horses mouth per say when Pex an SOE developer responded to a question i posed on the games official Sony forum site. Link. (Scroll down to Aug. 26th)

Originally Posted by Pex
We are definitely branching out into other genres and types of gameplay. CWA is not meant to be a Free Realms clone, nor a massive MMO like FR, EQ or SWG. Game sites keep calling it an MMO, but we do not use that term (unless we say it by accident, because after years of saying "mmo" it kinda slips out).
Oh well, I guess Bioware has nothing to fear in terms from Sony Online Entertainment.
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