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Originally Posted by DougB View Post
Now he cant install from the CD's as Steam is trying to download the entire games, and he is on dial up speeds and is prepaid to boot.
He could possibly go to Library - Games in Steam and then right click on the games in question and select "Delete local content". This should delete the files it may have started to download, then allowing him to use the install CD's.

Note however that the games may have had post release patches that aren't included on the CD's, which steam will subsequently commence downloading. Considering the circumstances (dial-up), if you've got the bandwidth for the games / patches then following the above advice from King_Rocket/PhatFreD of:
  1. logging into his steam account on your PC/connection,
  2. install using the CD's (save majority of the bandwidth)
  3. then allowing steam to patch if necessary,
  4. may need to start the game up once to complete the install,
  5. then backup and install on father's PC per Phatfred's instructions
Your father's PC will probably only need a brief connection to steam (depending upon the games) the first time he runs them, following which he can switch steam to offline mode (Steam --> Go Offline from the menu).
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