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Originally Posted by Starjack View Post
Ok, so I bought Portal 1 for fathers day and I was finished by 4pm..... So... ummm... when is Portal 2 coming out?
Well, the first Portal was mainly an "experiment" to see how it would go in the market - turns out it was accepted quite well (hence, the sequel which we're promised will be longer). Have you completed all the challenges (ie., aside from the main story)?

Portal 2's currently scheduled for release February 9, 2011.

Originally Posted by Starjack View Post
Is the charater you play an andriod or human? Is the character always female? So why does Aperture run without any humans? What is the purpose of the testing? Who else recons thats the best damn endgame song ever?
From (hazy) memory:
  • human
  • yes (we're told her name is "Chell")
  • GLaDOS now runs the show, the fate of the humans being alluded to during the main story
  • listen closely to the lyrics in the song over the closing credits
  • Jonathan Coulton is apparently back with more music for Portal 2

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did they? that sucks!
Well, they added the radios for the second (and subsequent?) playthroughs plus added the dragging at the end (which had previously only been alluded to) - nothing fundamental in the game changed (from memory), it was all just part of the marketing effort for Portal 2.
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