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Cool DDO Dang it

Wow, seems no matter how I try and do it, I cannot build what I want as an F2P. I did go VIP, but now need to fix the Well, which means no more VIP, so it seems I need to cut some of my Roster.
Any ways , I thought I had Imfir’s build the way I wanted it, but ignore all the advice, and still did a Finesse Build. It’s not working out. Seeing that early. So Imfir will go on the injured reserves list, but not cut from the team.
I am trying to get by with less then 15 dex and still be a TWF/MM (pure Rogue) I figured with a Drow I could do this, but what it comes to, I need 29 points to spend or 30 to get just what I want. 28 is just not enough.
So this places me in a spot I did not want to be in. I am glad I held out spending all that TP I got for being VIP. I rolled another Rogue (not going to reroll Imfir just yet) who will stay in the play list. But it’s not going to be as tough as I wanted.
Now due to my connection going Assassin is out of the question, I just rubberband too much, So I will go for a Aerobic Build , I still want to play out the dungeon, so yes I want to spot and search and disable Traps. So I kept my Int and Wis higher then what’s needed to play, but low enough that it’s not over board. That is the part that is screwing me on some damage potential, I still don’t have high Str, but high enough to get hits in
I wanted to add ever point to str, but since I started with an 14 Dex, at lvl 4 will need to be used to add a point in Dex.. This is where I’m having an dilemma, because a Tome would save me. but I can not afford a tome from the AH, but I can from the DDO Store, but if I go through the store, I will need to farm that TP again.
I think for now I’ll just deal with adding the point at lvl 4. Getting adventure packs I think will be more important. And a shared Bank.
yeah Shared bank, will be the most spendy. but it’s kinda needed to help progress the favor farmers.
I still have a couple servers that can still earn the milestone favor, but most of my farming will be done on the Orien & Sarlona servers. I started a Guild in both of those, but it just so I will not be bugged of being asked to join a guild. I also have one started in 2 other servers, forgot which ones. It’s the same name I always use for Alt guild “Dark City Runners”.
On Orien I now have a toon that can open elite on all Korthos and half of the Harbor quest. So if ya are looking for someone to open Elite there for ya, and you catch me online in that server I can help.
My Favor farming Toon name is Ishimfir. I almost have an IshImfir started on all the servers. But mostly that’s just it Started.
Yes, Khyber is still my main Server, just the main playing toon I play there is not in Strangers. But I still toy with Imfir for a short time and RedSkunk

what I really need is Vet status, that would help a ton with Favor farming.

Opps. took a break from typing this all out (PSU arrived from NewEgg , and again DOA ) so kinda lost my momentum & thought what I was writing

well just wanted to share a brief moment, I'm sure what was written so far can cover that.
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