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Originally Posted by Xavien View Post
I would be happy if software companies even made decent pc ports from console games which they dont so wanting them to make games for linux unfortuantely is even more wishful hoping. If does feel that software companies are getting more and more lazy these days, theres the platform specific games ie xbox 360 only etc... bad ports to pc, games full of bugs etc.. and the list just goes on
Any games in particular or all of them?

The cross-platform games I've played recently have been great. I think the tools, development practice and cross-platform engines have really matured in the past 24 months. I do tend to avoid certain developers PC versions or lower my expectations of others like Capcom, Konami ect, but others such as Valve and Bioware are still in top form with their PC releases. EA, Activision and Ubisoft are usually a bit hit and miss because they have soooo many different development studios, some will be great, some will be a bit crap.

Regardless, the same quality issues are often apparent on console versions too. I hated the PS3 version of GTA IV, terrible resolution, terrible frame rate, lots of excessive slow down. The PC version wasn't any better even though the hardware behind it was.
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