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yeah that's kinda what I am waiting on the Vet status to go on Sale.
And a PSU for the other comp so I can kinda still solo but Dual box to open elite.
That will help with farming Favor for TP. With an Elite opener, that is 25 TP per Hour, without can be 2+ hours

I bought the Drow to be a Cheap 32 point build, but the Drow is kinda limited for me, some classes I have read the the Drow is very good at, I do not play well. So Hindsight, I could have went without a Drow. An Dwarf and better yet Halfing make the best Rogues, but I do not like halflings.

I know if I had Vet status, I probably would spend the TP more freely, and not be so Frugal with it, because I know the speed I can earn 25 TP if I was starting out as a lvl 4.

I will miss the Shared bank, so I will spend TP for that, it will help the time spent (and coin) for mail, having a shared bank for the favor farmers/hunters is just one of the tools I will need. So hoping it goes on sale soon
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