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Default Front Mission Evolved - Lets get some ToG people together!

Hi Guys,

I'm really excited about a fantastic looking game that will be out in a couple of weeks. Its Front Mission Evolved. FRONT MISSION EVOLVED | SQUARE ENIX

Its a mech 3rd person shooter game with what appears to be a heavy emphasis on teamwork and strategy. Front Mission is actually a series of RTS games in the past. But this iteration is purely an action shooter, in the perspective of those mechs units you controlled in the RTS versions of the game.

Steam currently has prepurchase available with 10% OFF + 2 exclusive mechs. Check out the store page Save 10% on Front Mission Evolved on Steam for more info!

It looks bloody awesome. So if you're at all interested in perhaps starting a ToG group for this then please sign your name here and we'll see if we can get a few of us on TS3 at some point on release and tear up a few games!

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