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Lightbulb NPD Game Sales Figure, May Be Bogus?

Hi All,

I subscribe to the ECA (Entertainment Consumers Assoc.) newsletter where they highlight stories of interest regarding the game industry. For today's Sept. 30th is no different with an interesting Bloggers post that the US company that tracks national game sales on a macro basis. Is blowing "Hot Air" not having access to sales data that they themselves are giving estimates to revenue generated.

Link to the Blog "A Tree Falling in The Forest".

NPD has a problem. Their value is based on accessing and protecting a data set while their access continues to shrink and the data points continue to grow. They like to tell us they are able to track physical game sales, but they do not have access to sales data from our biggest retailers. (aka Walmart)
This is bad news, and possibly a story that is under reported. Like the blogger stated if game publishers have better numbers they aren't sharing them with NPD nor the public at large. If economic "movers and shakers" think that the game industry State side is hurling, when its actually not. This will effect the funding sources for game developers and the types of games that will be made on a whole. Basically more of the "jump on the band wagon" type of games. Versus those that may be unique, innovative, or downright bold in production values.
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