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Originally Posted by Vonder View Post
Lets look into the mod before we go any further with material currency.
Testing poemCredits at the moment, and there's a bug where you can't deposit. Someone's indicated on the forum that the associated class wasn't declared in the code. They tried to fix it quickly but it's still not resolved. I'm going to have a look at the source, but I've never even looked at java before so who knows if it'll make any sense to me. The plugin has only been out a day or two so I'd expect someone will fix it pretty shortly anyway.

As it's come up, I'll mention that there's also a plugin called HouseArrest which enforces map boundaries. It does so based upon a distance from spawn, so given that spawn currently isn't centre of the map it wouldn't restrict exploration much to the north, but could be set to restrict further southward exploration.
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