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Default Mysterious forrest fires

As some of you may be aware, my sanctuary has burnt to teh ground several times now, lukily only the trees burn and they are relatively easy to replace.
I have since figured out teh source of these fires and thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you so that it removes any suspicion and also to try and avoid people from making a similar mistake.

At first I thought these bizzare fires might be due to the pigs in my sanctuary running into lava, catching fire and then running into a tree. As it turned out the problem was not the blame of the pigs, but that directly of the lava. At several spots throughout my sanctuary there was lava only 1 or 2 blocks behind the walls. When a tree was planted sufficiently close enough to the wall and grew large enough the leaves would actually grow through the wall (somehow) and into the lava, the trees would then catch on fire and burn back through the rock wall into the forrest and way the rest went.

And so ends the mystery of the burning forrest, thanks to those of you who were helping me clean up after the fires.
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