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new ones? and we need descriptions for Manuzza (if we ever decide on how to name them )

So is this what you need Manuzza?

obsidian: "Obsi's castle"
obsidian.tower: "Obsi's tower"
skull.mountain: "Skull Mountain"
dm.tower2: "Dangermouse's tower"
kor.v9: "Vanguard Nine"
phaxx.foundaries: "Phaxx Foundaries"
greywulf.lair: "Spice's dungeon"
red_one.home: "Fortress of Solitude™"
great.lakes: "Great South Lakes"
floating.islands: "Floating islands"
stone.mountain: "Stone mountain"
serenity.cave: "NAM's cave"
nam.valley: "NAM valley"
nam.home: "NAM Towers"
exe.slidetop: "Exe's waterslide"
crazle.beach: "Crazle's Beachhouse"
pikes.peak - ??
pikes.retreat - ??
Eisenmeteor - ??
pacman: "Pacman"
obsidiancave: "communal obsidian mine"
sorontar.refuge: "Sorontar's refuge"
sorontar.blockhenge: "Blockhenge" "S.E.E.K"
fuzz.sanctuary: "Fuzz Sanctuary"
obsi.mountain: "Obsi's Mountain"
obsi.bay: "Obsi's Bay"
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