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Of mixed opinion about wether or not mobs can spread fire. I remember the Great Burning of NAM that happened in our early days where we witnessed a fairly devastating spring of lava and resultant spread of fire. A lot was blamed on burning mobs wandering and spreading the fire, some avatars too. But when I posted on the official forums about it the resounding response was that it was almost definitely the act of a griefer. I'm still sceptical, but it was claimed that they could log in anonymously, invisibly, and wander where they wanted spawning lava and starting fires.

I'm fairly certain that as Splat says, avatars can spread fire. I remember on that day one of the avatars was definitely setting alight every tree he walked by, even though he didn't appear to be on fire. I just figured at the time that as the game is in alpha there are bound to be plenty of 'undocumented features' and while he didn't have the flaming animation he was still flagged as burning. I'm pretty sure it was you, Vonder... That was one looong burning fig leaf...
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