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Well I'm no expert on DDoS-attacks, but if it's true that they have 83000 bots, it can't be impossible to just like, block every ip to access to the site for 24 hours. It's a finite number after all. After that you should have blocked off most of the bots (and possibly some legitimate ip:s). But maybe it doesn't help to block them if they just consume the bandwith with some small request each. That you can't stop as it's not dependent on any answer from your end.

Anyway, if it's true, this is one typical very childish and contraproductive idiotic idea. Some people shouldn't get internet access, they aren't mature enough to handle the responsibility. Not that I in any way am convinced that it's true, if there is ONE place on the internet you shouldn't put too much trust in, it's 4chan.
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