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Originally Posted by wizen View Post is up and running (as of 20 minutes from the time fo this post), and there's a buttload of themes to choose from. There's also a link to a free quickstart guide, for those who love the shadowrun setting but know nothing of the rules.
Nice one mate, thank you!

When do we start "character" discussions?

SR4CG - SR4CharGen - Shadowrun 4th Edition Character Generator

Link is to the best character creation program I have found so far. (Probably will be until Shadowrun gets added to Hero Labs). Has all the SR4 data from the core rules plus, Augmented, Arsenal, Unwired and the Runners Companion.

Best of all this program is free and you can send your character file to the GM (small file) and that way it is very easy for them to check that the character fits the 400 Build point limit, etc.

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