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Well after a lot of underground exploring and excavation, mainly because I haven't had an inspiration for what to build above ground I guess, I was digging away and there were all these noises, like either a growl or a loud snore. I kept diggging trying to locate the source of the noises and hacked away some cobblestone looking block above me and a zombie dropped on my head haha!

I've excavated right around the spawn crate now and plan on encasing them in glass but I was just wondering what I should do with it? DO I set up traps of some sort to kill them so they drop stuff or are they pretty useless? I did pick up a few items from their 2 chests. String was one of them.

So what should I do with my new plaything?

p.s. If you want to visit I created a warp:


Lots of natural underground caverns, flowing water and lava abounds in this area too.

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