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Also in a computer game, the rules are not flexible. One of the things I love in TT is when something goes wrong and you all just have to adapt to the situation, GM included. The GM can just make something up that fits, or ignore or modify a particular rule that doesn't make sense and stands to fudge immersion.

Although that can go both ways and is one thing that can frustrate me in TT rp. Sometimes you play with people that treat the rulebook like a bible. When I play I love developing a picture of what is happening in my head. When you are forced by the rules to use a halberd to effectively dispatch a sleeping enemy in a small tent, even though logic dictates your nice sharp skinning knife would make a lot more sense... Well the only picture I get is my fool character flailing about with his polearm and getting tangled up in the tent and waking the whole camp.
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