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Default Griefing Incident - Disciplinary Action Taken

Some of you may be aware of a griefing incident which occurred yesterday on the server resulting in significant damage to a player's personal construction. Your Minecraft Admin and Mod team immediately began an investigation and utilising the logging tools recently implemented were able to identify a suspect and then confirm beyond doubt their involvement.

In the absence of a Division Captain who would normally initially deal with such an issue, the TOG Administration team were asked to provide assistance. The TOG Admin/Mod team have, through consultation, this afternoon taken appropriate disciplinary action and advised the individual concerned. They have been advised who to contact if they wish to appeal the decision. The action taken has the full support of the Minecraft Admin/Mod team, which you would know appreciates the significance of griefing within our game. On a divisional level, the perpetrator has been permanently removed from the server whitelist.

While the loss of one's work in game is extremely regrettable and may be appreciably upsetting for many, not only the individual affected, it is heartening to see the processes so recently put in place to deal with issues has enabled a quick, yet thorough investigation and resolution.

While we understand that human nature is such that you want to know the details, such as who had their work destroyed, who did it, were they 'strung, drawn and quartered', please be confident that the perpetrator has been dealt with and the Admins/Mods will not be discussing the specifics. We ask that you respect this and avoid placing them in the awkward position of feeling pressured to disclose details.

For those who may only be new to TOG or may want a refresher, the TOG Code of Conduct and other Policies and Guidelines are available here:

Should you have any concerns regarding any future activities on the server, please contact a server Admin or Moderator (below), or myself as forum Moderator. If you can't locate anyone online, then please pm them through the TOG forum.

Admins: exekewtable, wolfweb, red_one, Manuzza, Sorontar
Mods: Foxman, Guryon (justin kace), TOG_Mixa

I've leave this thread unlocked for now in case anyone wishes to post any appropriate comments. Do note that the admin team have agreed that they will not be providing technical information about the logging solutions that are in place.

EDIT: One last point. Further discussion is occurring within the admin/mod team on fine tuning rules around access to the server. More information will follow in this regard.
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