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Default Warps - A new policy

I have a plan for warps that I would like to enact unless anyone has any major objections. Principal reason is I think the map and our little world is enriched by having all warps displayed on the map by default. So we are going to switch the default to having all warps on the map. Here is the plan:

1) Please remove any warps you deem 'secret' or rename them to secret.warpname (where warpname can be anything valid). You have 48hrs or so to do this.
3) After this, we publish the list of warps as a text file like or something. This list excludes the secret warps, and solves the crappy /listwarps problem.
4) We disable /listwarps, to make the secret warps actually secret.
5) We publish the map with all the warps, except the secret ones.
The same rule can apply as before - if you want to add a description for a warp, post it in the warps thread.

Sound OK?
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